We’re starting a new series this week at Fusion.  I’m calling it “Godipedia.”  An explanation shall commence:

If you’ve never been to Wikipedia, it is a site that is an online encyclopedia.  The catch is this: anyone can edit the content.  If you disagree with the content on Michael Vick, you can change your view on his dog fighting.  If you think Alberton Gonzales did not do anything deceitful in office and someone before you did, you could change it.  If you disagreed with what someone said about God, it’s as simple as editing it.  But someone could edit it after you.  So therefore the possession of truth is in the eye of the editor, and the question arises: is it ever truth?

So that’s where Godipedia came from.  Blaise Pascal said that “God created people in his image on the sixth day, and ever since people have been returning the favor.”  So many people like certain attributes of God, but they don’t like others.  We love the forgiving Jesus, but the wrathful God of the Old Testament makes us uncomfortable, so we just don’t think about that part of God.  We like that “he has plans for us,” but we don’t like him to mettle in our lifestyle.  We edit who God is in our minds, and then we come to a point where we must ask the question: if I created God in my image, what good is he anyway?

God is God.  He made us.  We did not make him.  We must learn to change, not him.

Maybe our spiritual dilemmas all has to do with what A.W. Tozer thought when he said, “What comes to your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.”  Maybe we need to re-edit our view of who God is before we can be in a genuine relationship with him.

Hope to see you tomorrow night.

Travis Agnew is a Christian, husband, father, pastor, author, blogger, and religion instructor.