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So, for all of those in my NSU class, I have a Bible quiz that you can take online. Go to this link, and you can do a trivia test on some facts about the makeup of the Bible. I have to admit – I only made and 86! I’m not good in dates and prints of the Bible. But you try it out, tell me how you did if you want to by leaving a comment.

I hope those that are reading from the book are learning a whole bunch from Fee and Stuart. That book is a great read and makes you think about a whole lot. If you read it, you will be really prepared for our talk on Epistles this week at NSU.

Paul epistle

One thing that I love in How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth is their commitment to people diligently studying the Bible. Often, when we struggle with a verse in the Bible that we don’t understand, we either: 1) skip it and act like it’s not there, 2) let a flicker of doubt start festering in our minds, or 3) ask a preacher.

The authors encouraged asking a pastor or consulting a commentary when a question arises. But I also love that they say that should be the last step – you need to do some of the hard work yourself (24). Think about this with me: if God is all powerful and all knowing, then he knew that we would struggle with certain passages. He knew that we would have a hard time interpreting certain sections. And if he knew that, why didn’t he make it simpler to understand?

Maybe God’s intention is partly the struggle. Maybe God left some things to make us seek him more. To study his Word more. To question him with our troubles, and not just casually accept the Bible’s claims without any thought.

So, for you Bible students out there – keep up the hard work. We want to be a workman who is unashamed accurately handling the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15). I’ve heard from a number of you this week about what you are studying and learning. That is awesome! Feel free to post a comment about anything you have been learning in your Bible study this week and I will see you Sunday night.

By the way, if you weren’t there last Sunday night, but you are planning on coming this week, please still register at so that we will have a workbook ready for you.

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  1. Travis,

    Check this quiz out. The advanced quiz is pretty tough.

    press on,

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