Thanks to everyone who came out for the Fusion Square Dance tonight. We had a blast. Thank the Lethcos for their home and work, the Parlers for the food, and the Watson for some lighting and audio help. There were some great costumes and great participation.  We got some great pictures from last night.

For those of you who couldn’t come, we had some wonderful snacks by the bonfire to start out the night. We had intentions of having plenty of hayrides but we encountered some difficulties. “You know you are a redneck when you have to jump off your tractor.” After Jeff and Barry got the tractor going, one group took the hayride and got surprised by Wes and a chainsaw along the way. After many tears and screams ensued, someone kicked through the back of the trailer in sheer horror. The story goes that Sandy crying and screaming yelled out, “I hate you, I hate you…” When they returned, one of the tires was busted and so that was the last hayride. Jeff did take some people on a hay-walk and they also got to meet Wes and the chainsaw.

After that, we were supposed to be led by a professional caller for a square dance. What we got was Jeff and me. We looked up calls on the Internet this morning, learned about five things, downloaded some tunes from square dance icon, Zip Wilson, and got crunk in a hillbilly kind of way. We were learning calls this morning and kept calling one “doe-sah-da” because that’s the way it was spelled. We finally realized that the word “dosado” is actually “doe-see-do.”

We’re real professionals.

So after our square dance (which everyone did a great job), we just enjoyed some fellowship time. Thanks for all of you who came out and participated or just made fun of people as they participated.

Next week, we are starting a new series entitled, “Waiting on the World to Change.” I’m so excited about this series – we are going to make a difference in this world.

Also, I posted another sermon on the Fusion podcast. At the end of Matchmaker, I realized that there was a little content we didn’t tackle. So I preached to my Mac and recorded a message entitled “The Right Test” on how to see if the person you are dating or thinking about dating is date-worthy. So I have a little test to see if you have the right person. Also, I talk a little about the next series and the book I am working on. So check it out. You can get the Fusion podcast by clicking here.



square dance

square dance

Here’s a link to see some more great pictures from last night! 

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