Jamie Parler impersonating ObadiahIn the middle of a crazy week, I was giving members of our staff on an update on Amanda’s pregnancy and Obadiah’s health. In the midst of my report, Jamie Parler, our community pastor, decided to show us what our ultrasound would show and continued to try his best Obadiah impression of him in the womb.

Issues, issues, issues.

But funny.

The ultrasound showed that lil’ Obadiah may be 7lbs 14 oz as of right now. We have about ten days to the due date.

Amanda gave me that look.

When Amanda said, “that’s a big baby!”

The doctor replied, “Well, have you looked at your husband? You should have thought about that before you got married! A big guy with a big head, what were you expecting?”

I can’t wait to be a dad.

Travis Agnew is a Christian, husband, father, pastor, author, blogger, and religion instructor.