Obie is Home

My intention was to post some photos everyday on the blog once Obie got here, but I didn’t realize all those people who told me I wouldn’t get any sleep were telling me the truth!  Last night was our best night of sleep so far.  Obadiah has been sleeping great, Mommy and Daddy keep jumping up to make sure he is OK.

Being a dad is incredible, but sometimes I look at him and forget that he belongs to me!  Here are some new pictures:


Trav and Obie

Trav and Obie



Amanda and Obie

Travis Agnew is a Christian, husband, father, pastor, author, blogger, and religion instructor.

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  1. anthony

    SO cute.
    I can tell by the mittens on his hands that he must have been scratching up his face like Tabor did when he was first born. Poor lil dude had blood flowing down his cheeks.
    Many blessings to you guys.

  2. Jane Dean

    I love him!! He is precious!! Cannot wait to hold him but will wait my turn. He will need a body guard when he comes to church. Amanda – late Happy Mother’s Day!! How awesome is that! Is he eating well and when do you need a babysitter? Grandparents have to share!! Love you guys

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