Partnership Priorities: Greatest Team

In selecting a partnership for a church’s mission’s strategy, on what priorities do you focus?  The first three were finding the greatest need, the greatest match, and the greatest impact.  But what is the fourth?

Greatest Team

What is the greatest team your church can assemble to evangelize with this particular partnership?

The goal for a mission trip is not to grow in Christ or deepen relationships with other team members.  While both of those will naturally happen, the goal is to evangelize – everything else is behind that focus.  Since evangelism is essential, we will limit the number of team members and screen applications for church missionaries.  Paul was very emphatic about the maturity of his missionary team members (Acts 15:38-40).  Christ paired his disciples together intentionally to spread the gospel (Mark 6:7).  While the entire early church was expected to engage in personal evangelism, they commissioned select groups to serve in strategic partnerships.  A missions leadership team will screen through mission applications to ensure the team is comprised of people already active in personal evangelism and faithfully growing in love for God and others.  These teams will also take a great emphasis in enlisting members who are deciphering God’s call to full-time missions.