Jesus Leadership 101

jesus_christLeadership is a hot topic.  Many people like to think of themselves as a leader.  But leadership doesn’t come from a title, a position, or a salary.  Leadership is the ability to influence people regardless of title, position, fame, salary, or accomplishments.

While people regularly praise Jesus for his graciousness and his marvelous works recorded in Scripture, few people adequately portray the clarity and the simplicity of Jesus’ leadership while he was on earth.  Oftentimes, people in search for dynamic leadership examples stretch information in order to use historical figures as leadership models.  While some historical figures’ leadership styles are exaggerated, the testimony of the New Testament records Jesus’ life and ministry with numerous leadership examples for every observant reader since his entire life focused on the mission for which he came.  Jesus served as the ultimate leader in that his mission in life not only continued to continue in his absence, but his kingdom expands ever greater every passing year indicating that he was a leader who truly invested into the followers who continued his mission.

While Jesus’ supernatural miracles and unforgettable teaching are great elements of Christ’s ministry on which to focus, Christ led most thoroughly through his lifestyle.  While many leaders focus on producing followship through big events, Jesus was able to acquire followers in the big events as well as the personal interactions.  While Jesus has many great leadership skills, in the next few days, I am going to provide some posts containing the top lessons on leadership I think we can see through the life of Jesus.

Hope we learn something!