Bad Church Sign of the Week: Semi-Annual Worshipers

This week’s bad church sign states:

“Welcome Semi-Annual Worshipers.”

This sign take around Christmas time is speaking to those people who only come to church semi-annually: Christmas and Easter.  In an attempt to convict them for their attendance that Sunday, I guess they decided to sarcastically thank them for coming.

While people who only come to church twice a year frustrate me (not because I am mad at them but because I feel sorry for them since they don’t understand what they are missing), I don’t know if this is the right tactic to get them to come to church more than twice a year.

Maybe, churches could blow them away with a compelling and passionate presentation of a living Christ that they would never be the same again?

Moral of the story: people – go to church more than on the holidays, churches – make church worthwhile to come to more than on the holidays – everyday is a reason to celebrate!

Travis Agnew is married to Amanda and the father of two sons and one daughter. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. His most recent book is What God Has Joined Together.

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