Maximum Impact #2 (Afternoon Session)

  • 1:13 PM TravisAgnew – Liz Murray is up now. Her story is “Homeless to Harvard.”
  • 1:31 PM TravisAgnew – You have air to breathe, what really else do you need to start today?
  • 1:31 PM TravisAgnew – “You can pick one thing in life: resentment or gratitude.” -Liz Murray
  • 1:33 PM TravisAgnew – “That work became my commitment rather than my excuses.”
  • 1:36 PM TravisAgnew – “You want to be careful where you get agreement in life.”
  • 1:40 PM TravisAgnew – “Life is a miracle. You don’t have to be stuck in the situation you are in.”
  • 1:46 PM TravisAgnew – President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Al Weiss, is coming up.
  • 1:55 PM TravisAgnew – Everyone enjoys learning about leadership. No one loves to make the changes to become a leader. -Maxwell Paraphrase
  • 1:58 PM TravisAgnew – Lesson on creativity: It doesn’t matter what your position is, you have to deliver great creative product. Creativity doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money.
  • 2:00 PM TravisAgnew – “Relationship with the Lord first. My wife and family second. Then there is my business.”
  • 2:01 PM TravisAgnew – Here’s a definition of success for you: “Those that know you the best, love and respect you the most…There’s something wrong when those who know us the least respect us the most.” -John Maxwell
  • 2:04 PM TravisAgnew – Al Weiss made a plug for this ministry (pretty neat):
  • 2:05 PM TravisAgnew – Mark Sanborn is now up.
  • 2:06 PM TravisAgnew – “Dad’s stories are true. He just remembers big.” -Tony Campolo’s son talking about his father.
  • 2:07 PM TravisAgnew – What if we never had to look for good employees because they came looking for us?
  • 2:11 PM TravisAgnew – “You don’t want to be the best at what you do. You want to be the only person who can do what you do.” -Jerry Garcia
  • 2:14 PM TravisAgnew – “Passion alone will not make you successful. You must combine passion with process.”
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  • 3:00 PM TravisAgnew – Sorry, that was Obie typing.
  • 3:12 PM TravisAgnew – If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, not only are you miserable, but you are making the people around you miserable.
  • 3:19 PM TravisAgnew – “The hardest thing to control was me.” -Jack Nickalus
  • 3:36 PM TravisAgnew – Why are many businesses in the shape that they are in? Because we hired based upon charisma over character, style over substance… -Bill George
  • 3:37 PM TravisAgnew – We will work more than anything else in life (family, play, even sleep). Don’t you want to spend that time investing in something that matters?
  • 3:56 PM TravisAgnew – “It’s always the person closest to us that can truly see us for who we are.” -Bill George
  • 4:07 PM TravisAgnew – “Are you really on track with your purpose in life?”
  • 4:11 PM TravisAgnew – Done. Good event. now about to head over to the YMCA to play at the Relay for Life (6-7) – hope to see you there!

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