Doctrine Series Title (I Need Your Creative Help)

Posted this on Facebook about 90 minutes ago.  The series is going to deal with false doctrines like clergy vs. laity, etc.  This shows the power of productive Web 2.0 at its finest.  Any other thoughts you could add to the discussion:

Travis Agnew I need your help for a sermon series title on doctrinal beliefs that get skewed: “Little White Doctrine,” “True(ish) Doctrines,” or…Do you like either of those or do you have a better idea? Creative minds: go.

Zay 'Disciple' Sanders
Zay ‘Disciple’ Sanders at 3:04pm June 23
Dr. Rines
Zay 'Disciple' Sanders
Zay ‘Disciple’ Sanders at 3:06pm June 23
“Doctrine* of Truth… *= points may vary”
Jill Burretto Bryant
Jill Burretto Bryant at 3:14pm June 23
I like the first one…this is what we just talked about last week in our Sunday School Class…will see if I can find the link to the lesson…
Joyce Hendricks
Joyce Hendricks at 3:25pm June 23
Will the real doctrine please stand up…
Rick Hendricks
Rick Hendricks at 3:33pm June 23
How about “The Doctrine is IN — or OUT?
Teresa Nicole Dove
Teresa Nicole Dove at 3:38pm June 23
I like True (ish) Doctrines
Angie Sanders Robertson
Angie Sanders Robertson at 3:38pm June 23
“Doctrine of Truth…or Tradition?” (…although not as “catchy” as yours)

Either of yours is fine 🙂

Travis Rebecca Paddy Smith
Travis Rebecca Paddy Smith at 3:51pm June 23
Without knowing your sermon, here’s a few: Romans 17: Doctrinal Misconceptions or Book of Hezekiah: It’s in There Somewhere or (a little more technical) Synthetic Christianity: Ideology & Christianity or What You May Not Know About Your Doctrine (maybe to
Ken Petrus
Ken Petrus at 4:24pm June 23
Believe it or not…To believe or not to believe.
Travis Agnew
Travis Agnew at 4:33pm June 23
“What’s up doc-trine?”


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