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Adoption Ministry (Here We Go…)

If you were like me, you were overwhelmed a couple of weeks ago with the amount of people saying “yes” to God’s call to address the needs of orphans in this world.  What an honor to be a part of a movement of God like this!  We had over 150 show up for an adoption interest meeting from our church alone.  The person speaking was expecting 12!

Due to the large response, our leadership team stepped back and tried to determine the best course of action for our church.  Jeff asked me to lead a team from our church to help bring some structure to this newly founded adoption ministry.  We have put together a team of people who have all had different involvement in ministering to orphans.

With this team, we are going to outline a great way to establish your next steps whichever course you may choose.  We heard many of you say you wanted to follow this route with Connie Maxwell.  We also heard many who wanted to go straight to adopt a child, either internationally or within the States.  We also heard that many of you wanted to financially support those who wanted to undertake this process.

We need all of you!  The orphans of the world need all of you!

A team met on Sunday night – and we have a wonderful process in place.  It was a great start!

Here is our team’s goal: to make orphan care simple.  While some of you may think that is an oxymoron, it’s not.  The process is consuming, but it can be simple, and this team is going to outline it so you can be equipped to leave your mark.

We are working to establish some detailed systems to help you in these five areas:

  1. Local Adoption
  2. Foster Care
  3. Family Support
  4. Respite Care
  5. International Adoption

We are planning a followup community meeting at the end of February (more details to come) to answer the questions of all those groups.  We will contact you soon about the next meeting time.  At this event, we are going to have so much practical help, you are going to be way down the road no matter what road you want to take.

During this waiting period, please pray concerning the state of orphans and your role in uplifting their conditions (James 1:27).  I will be in touch soon.

Any questions or thoughts now?