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The Person in Your Heart (Sunday Audible)

Depending upon what service you went to today, you might have experienced something a little different.  God speaks through prayers and plans weeks ahead, but sometimes God speaks in the moment and the most spiritual thing you can do is rip up your flowsheet.

That was 11:15 today.

The first 2 services went great this morning, and God moved in a mighty way.  Jeff spoke on the role of the Holy Spirit as we go and evangelize the lost.  At 11:15, he felt God leading that we needed to spend some time praying for those in need and worship a bit longer today.

I am SO GRATEFUL to have a pastor who listens to God speak before services AND during services (few pastors can do both).  I’m thankful for his obedience.

So, proposed set list for the day:

Depending upon what service you were at, you might have heard some of that.  And you may or may not have heard a message.  If you didn’t get to hear it, here is 9:45’s version.  Good stuff.

I’m so thankful for each service this morning.  While we took time to be the church in 11:15 this morning, I pray we take the opportunity to do that all week long.  Next week is Easter – invest in some people this week and bring them with you next week.  You can invite them on Facebook as well.

So, what did God show you today?