It’s Official: Eli is Now Legally Our Son!

The above pictures are of Eli Botela Agnew.  This is when he was taken to the orphanage at 15 months old, he is now 22 months old.  And now, we have some important news:

We are so excited to tell you all that around 3:30 this afternoon (Tuesday, March 30th), we received our good news email telling us that Eli had passed through court and we are his legal parents.  It is official: Amanda and I are now the proud parents of two precious boys!

We are so grateful to so many of you who have prayed for our son.  Some of you know the recent change in the Ethiopian government concerning adoption (I’ll try to explain later in the week) which threatened to slow down and greatly impede our process of bringing him home.  I looked at my C-Group Sunday night and asked if we could pray in faith that this was the week that he passed through court.

This morning, Obie seemed intent on mentioning Eli in his breakfast prayers, and I asked “Do you think this will be the day that it is official?”  We prayed at breakfast that today would be the day and our North Side staff also prayed this morning that today would be the day he legally became ours and we would be spared some of these significant changes.

When we received the email, our sense of relief was huge but our sense of gratitude towards a faithful God was even bigger.  He has been so faithful during this process – I could write and write telling you all the many ways he has shown himself strong!  We have so much to praise him for!

So what that means is that Eli has been moved to the Horizon House where he will wait for the Agnews to pick him up.  We should hear within a few days concerning travel time.  We are anticipating middle of April (see – I am NOT crazy – God moves in amazing ways) for travel dates.

We plan to be home to celebrate both of the boys’ second birthdays in May, and life just keeps getting better and better when we follow Jesus.  Thank you for your prayers – please continue to pray for Eli that he gets the food and interaction he needs, and pray that hope is welling up in his soul right now and he doesn’t know why.

Eli is coming home.

135 thoughts on “It’s Official: Eli is Now Legally Our Son!”

  1. When I see those pictures I think how in the world could somebody not want that precious child of god? I am so happy for you and for eli agnew. what a blessing that he will be to you all and ya'll will be to him. God is so good, how can we ever doubt Him?

  2. Awwww~ this brings happy tears to my eyes! That sad look on his face won't be there much longer, I hope, after he feels all the love he will feel when he comes here to Greenwood. Praying for his sweet little self, an easy adjustment, and that God will calm any fear Eli feels.

  3. This is fabulous!!! I am in awe as always in the amazing power and wonder of our God. I, like everyone else, can't wait to meet the newest member of the Agnew family.

  4. Sooooo very happy for you !!! We will be praying travel plans are arranged quickly and you will soon be holding BOTH your boys in your arms !!

  5. Oh- Eli is so cute! Congratulations and praise the Lord! What an incredible blessing! I can’t wait for you to post pictures of your boys together!

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