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Beware of the Easter Bunny

I’ve received a lot of questions this week about Easter.  Unfortunately, most questions have not been around the cross, the empty tomb, or all of history being changed in one moment.

No, most of my conversations have been around the Easter bunny.  I don’t know why, but I have been asked what I think about the Easter bunny, pastel clothing, and the commercialization of Christianity’s most important holiday.

Honestly, I vary from time to time.  Easter and Christmas make me very conflicted.  Sometimes I think the Easter bunny and Santa Claus are harmless, cute traditions.  Other times, I think they are Satan’s ploy to keep our attention off of Christ.

So, is the Easter bunny bad?  I’ll ask you some questions and you determine if the creepy-looking rabbit is harmless or harmful:

  • Have you talked to your kids more about the rabbit or about the risen Savior?
  • Have you spent more time picking out an Easter wardrobe or reflecting on the righteousness of Christ in which we are clothed spiritually?
  • Have you felt like you have to spice up the Resurrection by adding Easter eggs to get your kids excited?
  • Do you think the whole festivities are silly but you are too afraid of being a rebel-rouser that you won’t go against the status quo?
  • Are you more focused on the family picture’s matching colors or preparing your family’s heart to worship Jesus?

Am I against the rabbit?  Kinda.  Obie has a basket.  He hunted some eggs today at a nursing home to cheer up some lonely people.  I could handle that.

But I hate anything that takes the focus off of Jesus.  Hate it.  So if you can handle both focuses, go ahead.  Just be careful.  One of the most horrific things I experience at each of these holidays is watching adults talk to children about fictitious characters in order to see their excitement over our traditions but those same adults seem fearful or awkward talking about a God who came to us and change everything.

Make this weekend count.  Don’t let the bunny distract you from Jesus.