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Travel Dates for Eli

The above pictures are new ones we received of our son, Eli.  A gracious woman who was in Addis Ababa last week picking up her son snapped some pictures of Eli and sent them our way.  He has grown so much from those last pictures.  It is so great to see him grow in size, while he is still an almost 2-year-old in 12 months clothes right now, he has made drastic weight and height advancements.

I know I’m biased and all, but I think he’s a stud muffin.

We were blessed to receive travel dates this week.  We are still coordinating plane tickets, but it looks like we will be home with Eli at the end of April or the very beginning of May!

I hold many of you responsible for how well our process has gone.  Your gracious prayers have brought me to tears many times thinking of how much our son is already loved and how much he is prayed for.  We truly believe that your prayers have impacted the speed at which all this happened and Eli’s development.  Our family is forever grateful for you prayer warriors!

We also received an encouraging email from another mom the other day who had the extreme pleasure of meeting Eli:

He was one of six babies in the room, and I was playing with them one day, starting with Tomas, a newly walking 14-month-old whose parents were there with us. (They spent time every day “freeing the babies,” letting everyone out of cribs to play around on the floor. The kids have good nanny time, and lots of cuddling, but never enough). I was walking Tomas around the room, stopping at each crib, and his face was level with Eli’s, who was lying awake on his belly. They faced each other and gave big kisses through the bars of the crib. It was so great! I freed him and hung out for a while. He is very smiley and beautiful. Have a great trip!

This made our day!  While we know challenges are in the future, we know who holds the future in His hands!  He kisses through the crib rails just like Obie!  He’s an Agnew already I tell you!

Continue to pray as we work out these remaining logistical issues for the trip and getting prepared to make adjustments in our home, work, and everything else.


Also, in related news, I’m excited to tell you that the CD dedicated to Eli will come out on Tuesday.  I will have release details of how you can get your online copy of “Coming Home” on Tuesday, April 13th.  If you are a Facebooker, you can join the event here.


I’ll be releasing my newest album, “Coming Home,” Tuesday, April 13th, and I would love for you to be a part of that day!

This event is an online event lasting all day, so to say you are attending just means you will be in front of your computer at some point that day.

This CD is the story of our adoption effort and what has been going on spiritually in our home and our church during this process. Many of these songs we have sung at North Side, and some are brand new. The last song is a lullaby I have recorded about bringing Eli home. All proceeds of the CD go to our adoption effort.

So click “Attend” if you want to be updated on how I will be streaming the music that day, and I will give you instructions on how you can get your copy on Tuesday! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!