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The Internet Doesn’t Have to Be the Devil’s Playground

Ah, Monday.  The day full of tackling projects and trying to make a difference in the world.

Today’s partial agenda: help North Side impact the world when our building’s doors are closed.

Many people see the internet as the Devil’s playground.  In many ways, it is.  While you can waste a lot of time on here and get into all types of awful stuff, there is also a potential like none other to reach people for Christ.  I have this saying: “The Church never sleeps.”  Somewhere in the world, the church is always on the move.  Through the internet, we can reach people faster and cheaper than traditional models.  Someone who works swing shifts can be impacted by the ministry of this church even if they cannot attend the Sunday service.  Someone on the other side of the world could benefit from something we post long before.

So today, I am spending some time brainstorming about how we can impact more using our website.  We have made many dramatic improvements over the years, but we still want to take it further.

Here’s a list of some ideas or possible improvements dancing around my head:

  • Sermons on Video
  • Whole Services on Video
  • Streaming Services Live
  • North Side Radio
  • Online Seminary (take NSU video courses online at your convenience)
  • North Side Social Network (wouldn’t replace Facebook, but a way for members to share needs, prayers, and stay connected but stay secure)
  • Secure Prayer Rooms

I want your input! What do you wish we had?  What have you seen somewhere else you wish North Side did on our site?  What do you like or dislike most about the list above?