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The Church on the Move

Today was a great Mother’s Day at North Side. Our family dedicated Eli along with many other families dedicating their homes to new additions.  Such a great time to introduce the new Agnew to the church family.

The praise band did a wonderful job (without me again – I’m really going to lose my job here).  They led us in:

I got the honor to preach on the Church on the move today.  I talked about our adoption of Eli.  I spoke on how thankful I was for the encouragement we received, but how it also made me think that when did adopting one child become truly groundbreaking or original?  We were just obedient to Christ’s idea.

I want our church to be known where hundreds of babies find a home.  Where addicts find a new start.  Where neighborhoods are reached.  Where amazing stuff happens all the time and it’s simply the norm.

What if we stopped coming to church and start becoming the church?

Hope today was a blessing to you as well!