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My Role in the New Movie Courageous

Many of you have been following the news of Sherwood Pictures’ next film, Courageous. The talented crew that made such films as Fireproof and Facing the Giants is releasing a new film on the need for fathers to rise up.

And I got a role in it.

To be clear, they have not called upon my acting abilities.  My face will not grace the screen.  But I have been asked to help out in another way.  I get the amazing opportunity to work with LifeWay and Sherwood Pictures to develop and write the Bible study curriculum that will accompany the film.  What I am working on is the equivalent of the Love Dare Bible study (not the book, the curriculum).

Details are still being ironed out right now, but in a few weeks I get to meet with the movie people and the LifeWay people and we get to pray and dream how we can equip fathers to rise up and be the men that God has called them to be.  If I told you the entire God-story how this event came my way, you’d think I was making it up, but it just reminds me that God always opens the doors that he wants open.

In short, my previous work and relationships and doctoral focus all came together and had my name mentioned to this person who went to that person who these people screened my blog to see if I ever talked about being a dad, and that’s how I got here.

What’s crazy is that I got the first email asking me to pray about this opportunity during the Focus on Marriage Simulcast on February 27th.  I sat down and saw the ad in the booklet about the new movie, said to my self, “Self, that’s going to be awesome.  I pray that God uses that to impact homes.”  Moments later, my phone buzzed, I checked my email and was being requested to pray about if I wanted to be a part of this movement.  I remember that day hearing Stephen Kenderick, producer and a pastor on staff at Sherwood, preach and wondering if God was bringing all this together.

I’ve had to keep quiet about this opportunity until now, but I can finally talk about it.  I am actually being asked to talk about it to church family and friends so that I can be covered in prayer support as this process starts.  So, that’s where you are involved – I need your prayers!  I want this curriculum to do nothing less than change cities.  My belief is that societies rise and fall on the quality of fathers, and the state of our country is due to primarily the lack of godly fathers.  It has been a passion of mine for so long to help equip men in this area, and God is so gracious to let me play a role in this.

All I know is that the initial collaboration meetings take place in October and the movie comes out in September 2011 which means I’ve got some work ahead of me.  So, if you have a prayer journal of sorts, I would so appreciate if you would lift me and this project up from time to time.  I promise to keep you updated!