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Good News from the Garden

Satan’s tactics in the Garden of Eden are the same he uses today.  His attempt was successful at luring Adam and Eve away from God’s Word, and his goal with us is the same.  But even in the garden, there is hope and there is a promise.

My friend and mentor, Dr. Chuck Lawless came and preached for us this morning.  He serves as the Dean of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism and Missions.  I love him as a theologian but also as a disciple and disciple-maker.  He is the real deal on the stage, off the stage, in the classroom, in life.  He knocked it out of the park today!  So good.  His eye opening message dealing with temptation is one you need to check out.

Today, we worshiped to:

We also had a great prayer time focusing on the consequences of sin.  Love these prayer times!  The picture above is the stack of people our staff will be praying for this week.  Hope it was a great day as you worshiped.  Hope you apply this message today and see some serious life change!