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The Catastrophe

What a great Sunday at North Side!

Today, we worshiped to:

I have to give it up to our worship team this morning.  We had so much sickness and crazy stuff happen and they led in worship in an amazing way.  I’ll put it this way: 2 out of the 3 people who were supposed to sing lead vocals today couldn’t lead this morning and we found out this morning.  Another instrumentalist was sick.  I get to serve with so many quality people, people just jumped in there and did great.  We will overcome.

We had a great testimony and display of what can happen when a home and a church partner together to disciple children.  Hearing what those children know today of the Bible was humbling!

Jeff’s message was great.  As he walked through Genesis, it reminded me that from the very beginning, people have been messed up, but God has been forgiving and reconciling.  Here’s some of the major points:

  1. The heart of man is bent on evil.
  2. God judges sin.
  3. Before he judges sin, God is extremely patient.

You guys sounded great singing out today – you jumped into “Overcome” first pass around – that’s great!  Love worshiping with you each week – it’s such an honor!