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Overcome Recap

Words can’t even begin to express my joy from Overcome last night.  God showed up big, and I was just humbled at how worshipful the event was last night.  Where do I begin to say thanks?

  • Jesus – You are the true Overcomer.  You bring hope to the hopeless, and You were the guest of honor last night. We were humbled to be in Your presence.
  • North Side Worship Band – You guys and gals put so much heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into this project.  You each of grown through this process, and I have never heard you sound better or watch you lead with more passion than what you did last night!  Humbled to lead beside each of you.
  • Anthony Gravley – You made this album so special.  Your talent and willingness to work with my crazy ideas made this a special album – we are so grateful to you!
  • Staff Worship Team – Jessica, you are the organizer extraordinaire that knows how to get people moving and moving in a great attitude because of your example.  Strutton, without your special skills and timing to this team, this event would never had made it.  Cory, your graphics and extra work made this event and project stand out.  John, your work with the choir made the night extra special – thank you!
  • Tech Team – It never looked better.  It never sounded better.  There was never a service where every font, color, sound, video was more worked on and prayed over, you guys are more than technicians – you led in worship with every thing you did – you were amazing!  The extra hours paid off big time!
  • Host Team – Led by the fearless Connie Rentz, you guys start the message in the parking lot.  Each of you helped make others feel welcome and invited them into worship.  You are invaluable to what we do!  We also thank all the extra help with the bookstore and Overcome wall!
  • Ministry Partners – Thank you for providing next steps for those in need last night!  For those who helped make the Overcome wall or gave needs to it, we appreciate you being the hands and feet of Christ!
  • Staff – From painting walls, to building sets, to helping direct, to helping promote, you guys are the real deal and I love working alongside you.
  • Ben and Brian – Your ordination just made such a special point of the night.  You are called to preach “The Cross of Calvary.”  Such a special time.  Love you guys!
  • Eli – You were the MVP last night.  You helped raise money for some other children to find a mommy and daddy.  Your dad is so proud of you.
  • Everybody Else – From those who came, who prayed, who supported, who helped – I appreciate it so much.  I was honored to serve and worship alongside you!

You can still get your Overcome album in the North Side bookstore or on iTunes.  Share the album with those who need encouragement!

We will overcome!