Happy 3rd Birthday, Obadiah!

A wise son brings joy to his father… -Proverbs 10:1

Happy birthday, Obadiah!  One of our greatest joys is being your parents!  We have so many reasons to celebrate today.  You are an absolute joy.

We love you for so many reasons.  Here are just to name a few:

  • Your unmistakable joy and energy
  • How focused and intent you are when you eat your food
  • How music effects you the moment it begins
  • Your love for reading
  • Your OCD routine at bedtime (laying the blanket on the pillow perfectly, brushing your teeth, setting up the room just right, etc.)
  • Your grandparent obsession
  • The passion in your eyes and your voice when you sing the “Doxology”
  • Your cuddling nature
  • Your love for the outdoors
  • The way you protect and look out for Eli
  • Your obsession with drums
  • Your love for learning
  • Your love/hate relationship with vacuuming
  • The way you love to hop everywhere you go
  • The way you watch for family and friends in your window
  • How you make sure Dad and Mom are quiet so that you can talk to Eli
  • Your love for the “Church House”
  • Your uncontrollable laughter that erupts quite often

You have brightened so many lives in the past three years.  It’s just the beginning for our little “worshiper.”  Happy birthday!


Travis Agnew is a Christian, husband, father, pastor, author, blogger, and religion instructor.

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  1. Virginia L. Rothrock

    Happy B-day Obie!

  2. Julie Daniels Shirley

    Happy Birthday, Obie!! and thanks, Travis and Amanda for sharing your lives with us!!

  3. Jessica Cornelius Davis

    Happy Birthday Obie!!!

  4. Elizabeth Phelps Dunton

    Happy Birthday Obie!!!

  5. Tara Agnew Harris

    So sweet – Happy Birthday cute Obie!

  6. Cissy Holmes Collins

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Travis Agnew

    Obie says thanks for all the love! I read him your posts. He's smiling!

  8. Jamie Lynn Shirley Turnage

    Happy birthday Obie!!!!!

  9. Carroll Agnew

    Amen,a wise son has brought joy to his father and a grandson has given his grandfather a legacy that can not be matched,Happy Birthday Obadiah,your PawPaw loves you and looks forward to a future of promises !

  10. Honey, I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

  11. Jan LeBrun

    Carroll hit it spot on! Happy birthday to a great "shortie"!!!!!

  12. Thank you Obie, for the best tree years of my life.

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