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Honor Begins at Home


What an incredible weekend!  With a limited number of theaters showing the film Courageous, it was the top 5 movie in the box office this weekend!  That is unheard of!

If you got to see it, you know the range of emotions you experience during this roller coaster ride.  It is absolutely powerful.  We watched it with a Friday night showing at 7:00 that North Side rented out.  It was great to watch it and experience it with my church family.

Many of asked about the Bible study I worked on.  You can purchase “Honor Begins at Home” with LifeWay stores now.  It is an 8-session study that highlights principles in the book.  You can actually download a copy of one week’s lesson for free here.

But there is a slight catch.

Since the Bible study uses pivotal movie clips from the movie, Sony Pictures would not allow the release until the DVD comes out because the clips give too much away.  You can still buy the Bible study book and do it, but there are places where it says watch “Courageous Clip 2: Adam’s Speech” that you won’t be able to watch on the DVD.  If you remember it, you can still do the study.  If you want to do that study with clips provided, you will have to wait until February 2012.

But don’t wait till February 2012 to make an impact.  Here are some ideas you should do with the movie still making impact:

  • Take someone to see the movie.
  • Pay for a policeman’s ticket to see the movie.
  • Invite someone who was impacted to join a discipleship group with you.
  • Meet with other fathers on how to improve their care in the home.
  • Followup with people and get them connected to a church.
  • Just be intentional in their lives and you can do more than any study could ever do!

The movie was powerful, but if you are like me, you don’t want to just leave it at a powerful moment – let this be a catalyst to change some homes.  Get intentional and disciple those around you!