Christmas Vacation


So, what did you do on your Christmas vacation?  The North Side staff enjoyed some days with the offices closed between Christmas and New Years (all except for those things called “Sunday’s” stuck in the middle ;)), but today we are back to the grind.

My Christmas vacation was spent with the most 4 precious people in the world – Amanda, Obadiah, Eli, and Gloria.  Eli asked me every morning, “Dad, is this the day you have to go back to work?”  I eventually pulled out the calendar to show him when I went back, he then went running around the room saying he couldn’t wait to wrestle, build bonfires, play hide-n-seek, play Wii, and many other things.  He had my agenda planned.

So, what did I do?

The picture above says it all really.  I tried to love on, assist, encourage, and/or support each person in this family.  And I’m serious when I say this picture says it all.

  • Amanda – I tried to do things for her to allow her to do what’s in this picture – be a mom.  The job of stay-at-home mother is one of the most difficult jobs in the world and one of the most unappreciated.  People outside the home normally don’t applaud you for your decision.  Little people inside the home rarely applaud your decision.  But day after day, she sacrifices relentlessly to love, care, nurture 4 Agnews.  She is the absolute best wife and mother in the world.  I tried to listen to her and see what she needed most.  I worked at doing a couple of things around the house that she hadn’t really asked for, but I knew meant a lot to her or could make her life easier when I went back to work today.  On the couple of occasions she got out of the house by herself, I would normally greet her with, “I’m so glad you are back.  You have no idea how difficult it is taking care of these 3 children of yours…;)”  She’s the best.  And I already miss her today.  Lunchtime can’t get here fast enough.
  • Obadiah – Obadiah has something to say.  Or something to sing.  Or something to imitate.  He longs to be heard.  Just like this picture, everyone else is engaged in conversation of sorts, and Obadiah is off in his own world scheming or plotting something.  For Obadiah, I would find myself needing to stop what I was doing just to really take in and affirm the castle he built, the dance move he came up with, or the game he just created.  Love that boy.
  • Eli – Eli has questions.  He also asks questions that he already knows the answer for.  He likes to talk.  He likes to know what is coming next.  He likes to plan the day out of where we will eat, who will pray at dinner time, and what we will play after dinner time and does it have anything to do with hauling stuff on trailers.  In this picture, Amanda is probably being asked one of those questions, and I loved the time watching him grow over the last few days.  He doesn’t talk in phrases, he talks in paragraphs, and he needs to be heard.  He has so much that all of us need to hear.
  • Gloria – Gloria has officially began her conquest to take over the home.  She is scooting faster, pulling up on higher objects, taking down brothers’ towers, and the house if officially on guard.  Like the picture reveals, she is fascinated with her brothers.  First thing in the morning when we pick her up, she starts positioning her body to make her way to her brothers’ room across the hall.  Being with her this break revealed that she is very unconventional right now.  She doesn’t like the things you would think she would like, she’s kind of fickle with her tastes.  She normally wants what her brothers have or something simple like tissue paper, bows, or Daddy’s watch.  She is turning into such a funny, energetic, little girl and I am so happy to be her father.

Just a reminder for me of the 4 precious treasures I have in my home that I never want to take for granted.  Thankful for rest and time to focus.