What We Love Most About Mom


It’s Amanda’s birthday today.  The Agnews celebrate her today though she is worth celebrating every single day!

I asked the crew what they loved most about Mom.  Their replies?

  • Obadiah: “I love writing cards with her, and I love when she tucks me in.”
  • Eli: “I love going outside with her and making monster truck sheds with her.”
  • Gloria: “Umhh?  Mama, Mama, Mama!”
  • Travis: “I love to know that when I come home, I come home to someone who is completely for me.”

We are more than blessed to have her as queen of the castle.  Her joy, compassion, and intentionality are what makes this family special.

You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes…  -Song of Solomon 4:9

I love you, Amanda – happy birthday!

UPDATE [8:48 AM] For breakfast this morning, we each took a moment to pray over Mom, and Obie’s was so special I had to share: “Dear Lord, thank you for this Mom.  She is a good and great Mom.  And she plays with us a lot.  And thank you for this Chick-fil-a and this day and this Mom.”