The Long Walk to Kindergarten

Like many other families around our area, the Agnews had a big week this week as school started.  It is crazy to think that my boys are old enough for kindergarten.  The time is flying by quickly.

While emotions will run high for these moments and you never know how parents or the children will handle themselves, we had a fantastic first day and first week of school.  There are more options concerning schooling than ever before, and we struggled like so many other parents what was the right thing to do.

I guess we are old school in many ways and we wanted our boys to walk to school like many before them.  I wanted to videotape the whole experience.  In our house, I’m normally trying to grab a camera, Amanda doesn’t like it in the moment but then thanks me later.

So, here is a video of Obadiah and Eli on their long walk to kindergarten.  The hardest day is behind us, and many more great days to come.