Top Blog Posts of 2013

Top Posts 2013

As 2013 rushes to a close, it’s time to look back over the shoulder at some of the thoughts, ideas, concepts, and random ramblings here at my blog.

The top 10 most-read posts from 2013 were:

  1. This Child Isn’t Coming Home
  2. My White Daughter’s Black Baby Doll
  3. Just Like My Daddy
  4. 46 Things Most Parents Don’t Know About Their Children and Technology
  5. The Peace that Surpasses All Comprehension
  6. Church Bulletin Bloopers
  7. Stuck in the Orphanage
  8. Bad Church Sign: Tired of Contemporary?
  9. The Cure for Male Pattern Baldness
  10. What a Japanese Steakhouse Taught Me About My Daughter

While the above list were all posted in 2013, the next top 10 are the most-read posts of 2013 regardless of what year they were posted:

  1. Date Night with Mom
  2. Date Night #2 with Mom
  3. This Child Isn’t Coming Home
  4. My White Daughter’s Black Baby Doll
  5. The Arrogance of My Generation’s Church Leaders
  6. Bad Church Sign of the Week: All Dogs Go to Heaven
  7. My Problem with David Platt’s Radical
  8. The Consecration of the Christ
  9. Just Like My Daddy
  10. 5 Worst Christmas Church Signs

Thanks for reading!