Family Camp This Summer

I’ve been so encouraged by the messages, texts, and conversations I have received from yesterday’s message.  It seems to have struck a nerve for sure.  It is so encouraging to know that people want to step up and reach their families for Christ.

I shared concerning a lot of camps and events that are happening this summer, but I wanted to explain one that might be part of your application of yesterday’s message.  It’s called Family Camp.

I’ve been haunted by a question in recent years: do most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen with their family or without their family?

The more and more I talk with people, I continue to get the same answer.  Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen when they are not with their family.  It happens at youth camp or youth group.  It happens off at college with a group of peers.  It happens in a one-on-one conversation with someone outside the family.

While I praise God for all of those programs and people, I also find that a disconnect from the family serves to have long-term negative effects.  When youth group becomes your place for spiritual growth, those people have a hard time growing when they aren’t in the youth group anymore.  That student moves to college, that student pastor has new students to watch over, and unfortunately, that person no longer has a spiritual mentor in his or her life.

But, they should.  Dad and Mom should be the primary evangelist and disciple-maker in that child’s life.Most people’s most pivotal spiritual experiences happen without their family.

And we need to change that.Through a series of events, conversations, and times or prayer, I am partnering with some great folks to address this situation.  What we are talking about is a consecrated time to bring the family back together.  We want to serve as a catalyst to make the most critical spiritual environment to be the home.

That’s why I want to invite you to something that might be the best thing your family does this summer: family camp.

It’s not youth camp.  Not kids’ camp.  This is a spiritual camp planned for the family unit.  Together.

It is July 28-Aug. 2, 2014.

Want more information on Family Camp?


The goal of Family Camp is for your family to draw closer to Jesus and to one another.  That’s why we work hard to ensure that your family have the best experience possible.

Family Camp will be held on the beautiful Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center near Maggie Valley, NC.  In addition to some great activities on the campground, we will have times of family worship as well as times when Dad and Mom can retreat and responsible assistants help care for your children.

Each family that comes to camp is assigned a family assistant for the week who helps out at meal times or activity times when needed.  This means that this vacation might actually feel like a vacation to the parents as well!  Don’t worry about preparation either.  All meals and lodging are taken care of in the registration price.  You won’t have to worry about those details so you can be intentional with your family.


Camp will begin Monday afternoon and conclude on Saturday.  A typical day will look like this:

  • Breakfast – Served in cafeteria with family assistant helping out
  • Family Worship – This fun time will allow the family to grow together in Christ
  • Teaching Time – While Dad and Mom get some time to renew and reflect, your children will be taught in an exciting way about how to live for Jesus within the home
  • Lunch – Served in cafeteria with family assistant helping out
  • Activity Time – The afternoon will be full of fun activities for families of all ages (certain days will include camp wide activities)
  • Dinner – Served in cafeteria with family assistant helping out (by the way, one night parents get a date night out with some fun activities planned for your children)
  • Family Worship – These evening times are meant to grow your family closer to Jesus and each other
  • Family Activity – Each night, we will have different family activities to bring your family closer together


You can register your family for camp now.  We have limited spots remaining, so get yours as soon as you can.  We also have scholarships available if your family is in need.

We are praying that this week will be some of the greatest moments for your family’s life spiritually.

I know some of you probably have vacation traditions, and I don’t want to take away from that.  But I do want to see if you would give Family Camp one shot.  I don’t know if we will do this after next summer.  I personally hope so.  I think it could be great.  But I would love for you to consider joining us this summer for what could be a life-changing week with your family.

Whether you join us or not, let this post at least be a reminder that every force in this society seems bent on separating your family from one another.  Be a catalyst to bring your family back together.

Want more information on Family Camp?