Just [About] Married Course Begins Oct. 11

You simply cannot receive enough training before you get married.  Each of us have a perception of marriage that alters our actions.

We desperately want to equip engaged couples and newlyweds with foundational biblical principles that will start their marriage out in the right way.  Whether this is your first marriage or not, we want to prepare you for success.

That’s why we are offering an 8-week course entitled “Just [About] Married.”

This course has been created here at North Side and seeks to do these essential four things:

  1. Expose the couple to biblical teaching on marriage
  2. Start important conversations between the couple
  3. Receive mentorship from an older married couple
  4. Learn from other couples in the same phase of life.

We will begin this course on Sunday, October 11th at 6PM.

You can now register online.


Just About Married