After God’s Own Heart

Through successes and scandals, prosperities and persecutions, delights and distresses, David proved himself to be a man after God’s own heart.

Join us this summer at Rocky Creek as we study the life of David through 1-2 Samuel and his response to God through certain psalms.

  • 6/4 – After God’s Own Heart: God Notices Nobodies (1 Sam 16) – David was the least likely to become king but God set him apart for this task. While man judges the external value, God judges the internal worth.
  • 6/11 – After God’s Own Heart: There’s Always Somebody Taller (1 Sam 17) – Israel put their strength in King Saul the tall until Goliath the taller came around. In the battle against a giant, never forget the greater story of which we are a part.
  • 6/18 – After God’s Own Heart: Worship by the Book (2 Sam 6) – When David returned the ark to Jerusalem, he learned how God takes worship very seriously. We can’t worship God if we neglect the Word of God.
  • 6/25 – After God’s Own Heart: This Is the House That God Built (2 Sam 7; Ps 8) – David wanted to honor God by building him a house, but God had a greater house of which David could never build. The greatest work of our lives will not be what we do for God but what God has done for us.
  • 7/2 – After God’s Own Heart: Carried to the Table (2 Sam 9) – David showed kindness to disabled Mephibosheth by carrying him to the king’s table. Seated with the King of kings, our brokenness is hidden and God’s favor is restored.
  • 7/9 – After God’s Own Heart: Psalm
  • 7/16 – After God’s Own Heart: When the King Stayed Home (2 Sam 11; Ps 51) – When King David was supposed to be winning a battle on the field, he stayed home and lost a battle within his heart. Sin can start with being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • 7/23 – After God’s Own Heart: When Goliath Is Yesterday’s News (2 Sam 21:15-22; cf. 1 Ch 20:4-8) – When David was king, his followers killed giants even larger than Goliath and it wasn’t even that significant of an event. Giant slaying leaders develop giant slaying followers.
  • 7/30 – After God’s Own Heart: No More Costless Offerings (2 Sam 24) – King David refused an opportunity to make a sacrifice to God which would cost him nothing. When we give anything to God, we must give our very best.

Travis Agnew is married to Amanda and the father of two sons and one daughter. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. His most recent book is What God Has Joined Together.