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Fuge 2017 – Convergence
Psalm 139

Theme for the Day: Point of Inception

God is all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful, and all-holy.

All-Knowing (Ps. 139:1-6)

  • God is intimately aware of every single one of my actions, thoughts, and words.
  • The infinitely knowing God is intimately familiar with me.
  • God’s detailed investigation of me is comforting and convicting.

All-Present (Ps. 139:7-12)

  • I can never outrun God.
  • God can see clearly even in the darkest of times.
  • Dark times are light to God.

All-Powerful (Ps. 139:13-18)

  • If you feel you were made deficient, then you claim the Maker to be incompetent.
  • God has written chapters in my biography that I haven’t even lived yet.
  • God thinks of me more often than I think of him.  Why would one so great know me so greatly?

All-Holy (Ps. 139:19-24)

  • The Bible is clear regarding the claims and the consequences of God’s enemies.
  • Ask the LORD to investigate your own life to determine if you are one of those enemies.
  • We need to be confronted regarding our grievous ways and to be instructed regarding the everlasting ways.
  • All wicked people will be punished by God unless Jesus becomes their substitute.

Travis Agnew is married to Amanda and the father of two sons and one daughter. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. His most recent book is What God Has Joined Together.