Broken Bones [Fuge 2017 Nashville]

Fuge 2017 – Convergence

2 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 51

CAUGHT (2 Samuel 11-12) 

  • Sin can start with being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Our vulnerability can often come from a lack of accountability.
  • Sin can be covered temporarily by an additional sin or eternally by an unconditional Savior.
  • No amount of coverup will ever be able to protect your sin from being noticed by God.

CONVICTED (Ps. 51:1-8) 

  • There’s a difference in being sorry that you sinned and sorry that you got caught.
  • You can’t be justified by God if you are still trying to justify your sin.
  • Sometimes the most gracious act that God can do is to break the consistently wandering heart.
  • While God carries us in our brokenness, we become so accustomed to his presence that we find it difficult to stray again.

CLEANED (Ps. 51:9-19)

  • There is a forgiveness so thorough that sin’s record can be erased.
  • If there is a true profession of faith, there will be a true progression of faith.
  • Receiving grace should lead to revealing grace.

Travis Agnew is married to Amanda and the father of two sons and one daughter. He serves as the Senior Pastor of Rocky Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. His most recent book is What God Has Joined Together.