Psalms [Vol. 1]

The Psalms teach us how to speak to one as glorious as God. As we study these ancient prayers and songs, we learn the right posture with which to approach God.


The Proper Perspective for the Troubled Life

When David was overwhelmed with God’s discipline in his life, he maintained a proper perspective and took it to God through prayer. Don’t talk to everyone else about your troubles…


Rediscovering Joy

As David encountered testing trials, he confessed that his sure hope in this life and the next was in none other than the LORD. If we desire to rediscover joy,…


The Greatest Is the Nearest

While God’s transcendence is amazing, His immanence is astonishing. The most surprising thing about our exalted God is how close He comes to ones like us. The transcendence of God…


No Shortcuts for the Righteous

David warned worshipers not to envy evildoers when their lives seemed prosperous. We must learn to trust God for His provision and forsake any unrighteous shortcuts during challenging times. Don’t…


Denying God Leads to Redefining Good

David dismayed the effects that atheism has on a person and on a society. People often deny the reality of God so that they can redefine the commandments of God….


If We Would Just Listen to God

As we rejoice in who God is and remember what He has done, it should often call us to repent of the sins we have committed. Many of our personal…


If We Got What We Deserved

While we honestly hope that others receive what they deserve, do we really want that for ourselves? David cried out to God because he was fully aware of his own…


Worship Is a Lifestyle

David had experienced God’s deliverance repeatedly during his life, and so have we. Such a constant help deserves more than an occasional offering.  Psalm 34 34 I will bless the Lord at all…


Pursuing Personal Integrity

David desired to see holiness restored among God’s people, and so he decided to start it by focusing on himself. If we long to see revival, we must pursue our…