The Looming Decision for COVID Education

I have talked with so many parents who are concerned with the unknown situation regarding their children’s education during these anxious times we live in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now in July, and most parents are holding their breath awaiting an imminent decision with serious implications.

My COVID-19 Test Results

When I heard they were testing for the COVID-19 antibodies at the Blood Connection, my curiosity was killing me. You see, I thought I had “the Rona” back in February. I was shocked by the results.

The New Offices Are Open

We renovated a hallway of classrooms to accommodate our growing staff into a new office complex that allows accessibility and flexibility.

Pastoral Reflection on 2020

As I look back over 2020, I’m more overwhelmed at what God did than what we endured. Yes, this year had its fair share of challenges, but it didn’t hinder God’s work.

Only You Decide What Is Essential

Our culture has debated what is essential and what is not since the emergence of COVID. In reality, no one determines what is essential other than yourself. What have your actions revealed?