Strategic Formation

No more happenstance growth, we must be intentional to experience strategic formation in our discipleship. Let your spiritually frustrated fatigue launch you out of complacency and into maturity.

The Danger of Entitlement

Jesus taught that those who serve God should not become entitled. Even if we do all God commands of us, we are still unworthy servants who should still be amazed to belong to Him.

The God Who Is for You

God is so for you that He actually gave you commandments that will benefit your life if you choose to obey them. Don’t buy the lie that His rules are meant to take the joy from your life.

Relational Environments

In church, we often talk about the need to devote ourselves passionately to Jesus. While that is true, you rarely find someone doing that if they aren’t surrounded by other people with a similar pursuit.

Systematic Theology II

Have you ever wanted to comprehend biblical doctrine better? Join us for Systematic Theology II in the Entrust Institute.

The Irony of Religious Resentment

In The Parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus showed the grave mishandling of the religious community to those whose lives were being changed. We cannot confuse our relationship with the Father as something we deserve.

Ridgecrest Fuge 2022 Recap

The Spirit moved among Ridgecrest Fuge on June 13-17, 2022. The theme was “Matchless One,” and I was honored to preach for the camp.

Biblically Deficient

We all know those people in our lives who appear very godly. Their sincere spirituality is apparent in everything they do. For those legitimate disciples, you will not find one whose deep dedication is not fueled by a love for God’s Word.

Golden Distractions

Once leaving Egypt, the Israelites were so ingrained in the former culture, that they continued to worship idols. The people took a gift from God and used it as a replacement for God.