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The Free Pass of Past Leadership

A recurring dilemma these days is what to do when your hero stops acting like one.  How should you respond when that person up close or far off who has obtained a legendary status due to previous accomplishments starts to operate in an unexpected way?  The words they choose and the actions they take are uncharacteristic of their reputation and unacceptable for their cause.

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The Gospel of Mark [Sermon Series Overview]

I chose to preach through the Gospel of Mark because of the book’s two main focuses:

  1. Christology
  2. Discipleship

Our world is in need of a higher view of both of these concepts.  We need to know who Jesus is and we need to know what discipleship is.

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Multiply Churches

The Multiply Initiative is our simple yet aggressive plan to multiply disciples.  As we make disciples within our own church, our prayer is that we will see growth in our church and in the churches we plant or replant.

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Why Preach Through Mark?

I am preparing to preach through the Gospel of Mark at our church.  As I prepared the series, it is going to take 1 year to preach through this Gospel.  While there are 4 Gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – same story but told from different perspectives), I have chosen to preach through this one for a few different reasons.

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Preaching Can Be Expository and Engaging

As hundreds of teenagers spilled into the auditorium, I was going through last-minute preparations to preach.  As I went to get my microphone, a pastor introduced himself to me and wanted to chitchat before the service began.

“So which one are you?”

“Umm…I’m not sure what you mean.”

“We come to this event every year, and there are only two types of preachers that they invite to speak.  Either they are very theologically sound or very engaging to our students.  The theologically sound ones are painfully boring and must think it is a sin to be engaging.  The guys that are very engaging often struggle in their theology and I have to clean up after them.  So, which one are you going to be?”

Honestly, I had a difficult time thinking of how I wanted to respond because I was so brokenhearted about his perspective and my fear that he was correct.

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