God’s people must not compromise to the culture but display courage in the chaos.

An Overview of Daniel

Have you ever desired to understand the Book of Daniel? Learn some insights into the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Daniel’s account motivates God’s people to remain faithful despite exilic times.

Just Because We Are Unreliable Doesn’t Mean That God Is

Along the way, we make God pay for the mistakes of others. For all the people who have proven to be unreliable, we associate their nature with God’s nature. We stare at the promises of God and demand that we receive a deadline of when they will come to pass.

10 Bible Verses for Overcoming Anxiety

Looking for Bible verses to study or memorize on a particular area of struggle? One of the best ways to combat sin is by memorizing Scripture. Here are 10 verses for overcoming anxiety.


While Jesus’ death seemed like a shocking defeat to his followers, the crucifixion of Christ was God’s plan all along. By studying the context of the event, we can understand what Jesus truly accomplished.

My COVID-19 Test Results

When I heard they were testing for the COVID-19 antibodies at the Blood Connection, my curiosity was killing me. You see, I thought I had “the Rona” back in February. I was shocked by the results.


Jesus’ ministry was framed around his association with two critical groups of people: sinners and self-righteous. To understand these complex …



Jesus’ calling of the disciples displayed the attribute of grace. When you look at this unique group of men he …