Distinctive Discipleship

Generalized approaches can never fully address distinct disciples.

If every Christian is in a unique place surrounded by specific challenges, why do we think that a widespread approach will work for every single one of us? The Distinctive Discipleship model seeks to help you design a specific plan for Christian maturity.

Based on the example Paul gave in Colossians 1:27-29, the model incorporates six categories to use as a framework in discipleship. Serving as a filter with which to narrow down your process, you will create a seasonal plan to work on distinct areas.

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Fill out your Distinctive Discipleship worksheet and get started designing your specific plan.


I have been contacted by other churches and ministries on ways they can use this material. I am super encouraged that they have a desire to make disciples in tangible ways as well! You can access all of the content in the links above to get you started.

For those looking for a more in-depth guide, I have developed a book and an 8-week Bible study.

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The Distinctive Discipleship book will guide you through the process of creating a specific plan for Christian maturity.

The Distinctive Discipleship Bible Study is an 8-week guide for small groups to go through in developing their plans.

These can be done separately or supplement each other’s material.

Sermon Series

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