If there is a true profession of faith,
there should be a true progression
of faith.



Untouched yet by Mankind, Creation was perfect in the beginning.  God displayed His goodness and purpose in what He created…

Neglecting the Spirit

If you read the New Testament, it seems as if the role of the Holy Spirit is critical for the…

The Story of the Bible

To understand the Old Testament fully, you need to understand it within the context of the entire Bible.  Here is…

Jesus Came to Turn Over Tables

As soon as Jesus made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, He intentionally targeted the religious community. Followers of Jesus must…

“I don’t know the level of dedication you or your spouse have to making it work, but I do know this: Jesus is for your marriage.”

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Hi, I’m Travis Agnew. I am a disciple of Jesus, husband of Amanda, father of Obadiah, Eli, and Gloria, Pastor of Rocky Creek, and author of faith and family resources.  I pray that the content on this site can further equip you to make disciples.