1 John [Series Overview]

If you really want to experience the life God intended, you must know the God who created you. Too many followers of Jesus struggle with an assurance of salvation, the standard of truth, the call of obedience, and the path of unity. Don’t settle for a mediocre faith, but pursue a faithful life.

1 John Recap


A few months ago, we looked at the calendar and needed to plan how we were going to end the series on 1 John – “Knowing That You Know Jesus.”  I had this random idea.  I began to tell Jeff what I was thinking, and he said, “I was thinking the exact same thing.  Let’s go with it.”

So, anyway, that “go with it” happened this morning. It was powerful and unexpected.

We simply read through the Book of 1 John.  At the end of different sections, we worshiped according to the truth read.  It was so simple and powerful just letting the Word speak.  No commentary.  No need for explanation.  And we know it did not return void.

Gus Burgdorf did a great job sharing his work with the Gideon’s ministry.  The Word is powerful (getting the theme yet?).

Today, we worshiped to a lot of music:


Believe God

Knowing that you know Jesus_t

Special day at North Side!  Celebrated baptism and communion.  Worshiped with all our hearts.  Heard the Word proclaimed.  Loved seeing the church in action!

We studied in 1 John 5 and talked about the 3 witnesses: the water (baptism), the blood, and the Spirit.  We were able to experience that and celebrate each element today!  It was such a special time.

Today, we worshiped to:


Overcome the World


Such a special time at North Side Baptist Church this morning.  I love gathering with these people because it truly is family.

We were blessed to have the Erskine Gospel Choir lead us in worship this morning.  Tobe Frierson’s leadership is so passionate and the choir does such a wonderful job.

Today, we worshiped to:


The Love of Christ


Powerful day of worship.  It was great to begin celebrating Passion Week as a church family.  Jeff’s message was so true.  1 John 4 paints a picture of the love of Christ that is simply breathtaking.  He wanted to save us.  He loves us.  Christ loves people like me!

Today, we worshiped to:


Test the Spirits

Knowing that you know Jesus_t

Sunday’s service consisted of focusing upon 1 John4 and the exhortation to test the spirits.

In our culture today, you can get your hands on more “Christian teaching” than ever before.  Books, sermons, services, shows, podcasts, etc.  You name it.  I’m living proof that ANYONE can write a book.  There has never been more spiritual resources available than there is now and never a more reason to discern every teaching you encounter.

In order to navigate through these times, John was advising the church to test the spirits.  Jeff did a fantastic job handling this text.  Solid sermon.

Sunday, we worshiped to:


Love {in}Deed Recap


Still hearing reports of all God did through his church on Sunday as North Side participated in a Love {in}Deed day as we served Greenwood.

We said, “Amen,” and then we went throughout the city to serve others.  As the worship service concluded, the real service began.

Here were some of the feedback we received from just a few of our sites:


Love {in}Deed


What a great day of worship all day long with North Side!  What started in a worship center ended all over the community.  When the service ended, the real service began!

Our church left worship and went to every corner of Greenwood and showed love in deeds rather than in just words.  As we studied 1 John 3:18, we decided to put it into practice.

Today, we worshiped to:


Hate Sin


What a special time of worship today!  I am so thankful that while we had some curve balls thrown our way today via technology bothers, we have a such a special group of volunteers that make things happen in such a great way week in and week out!

We were so blessed to have Cassie back with us today.  Such a special time just to see the church love on her.  Excited about the movement of the gospel among us.  OG also gave us directions for the way we are wrapping up our Love {in}Deed Sunday next week with a North Side staff vs. Burton Center clients basketball game Sunday 7PM.  Can’t wait!

Today, we worshiped to: