Grandparents Who Still Love Jesus

While every family has numerous traditions, I want to encourage all grandparents out there to make the best use of the time give with your family (Eph. 5:15-17).  Have you thought about the spiritual impact you are making on your children and grandchildren?

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1 Decade at North Side

This weekend is a pretty special one for me.  On Sunday, I celebrate two events:

First, I am turning 32.  Just seeing that number is kinda crazy to me.  It’s not a depressing thing, but it just represents a lot of life that God has allowed me to live.  I am very grateful.

Second, I am celebrating 1 decade of being a pastor at North Side Baptist Church.  In a time when some stats say that ministers stay at a church for an average of 2 years, it seems hard to imagine staying somewhere for 10.

10 years ago on my birthday, I began moving my books into an office in the Family Life Center to serve as a full-time yet part-time College and Missions Pastor.  I had just finished up a summer serving M-Fuge in St. Louis, I was engaged to the best girl in the entire world, and I had a hopeful disposition to what was awaiting at North Side.

Things have changed in the last 10 years just a little bit:

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