God’s Promise Is Not Contingent on Your Performance

Reading through the Old Testament, one might wonder where this Abram came from.  What is his significance?  Why is he now a main character in this grand story?  Why him?  And every single one of those questions is completely valid.

It appears as if there is nothing special about Abram except for the fact that he was chosen by God.  And that is more than enough.  Abram’s value does not seem tied up in the quality of the called but rather in the quality of the one who called him.

In a genealogy of Noah’s son, Shem, a man named Terah is listed last.  His crowning achievement?  He fathered a son named Abram (Gen. 11:26) who was married to a barren wife named Sarai (Gen. 11:30).  This genealogy from the surviving members of the flood comes to a screeching halt.  Based on the information given, Abram’s family of origin is known and his descendants seem an implausible dream at the moment.  No indication is given if this man is righteous, noble, bold, or innovative.  We are unaware if he is a gifted preacher or a skilled leader.  It is unknown if he is liar, cheat, or a thief.

We just know that he is chosen by God and that is where the story continues.

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