Step Up

I think family ministry is a big thing.  Investing in your home is critically important for their discipleship and for the sake of the Great Commission. I would be remiss though if I did not make an appeal for men and women to step into the lives of some children who are less fortunate. As Paul […]

He Knows Her Name

I met Kelly McCorkle (now Parkison) when I was at North Greenville University.  What I appreciated about Kelly as a sister in Christ was that she was such a humble, easy-going friend.  She loved Jesus, she loved others, and she didn’t make a bunch of fuss about it. Kelly has lived a lot of life […]

Legos Can’t Build a Home

In the ever-increasing drive to impact the families of our community, God continues to deliver experiences that wreck my heart and yet serve as catalysts for greater desperation for the tasks ahead. I keep encountering people whose lives are shattered by what is happening within their families, and these experiences won’t let up.  And I pray that […]