Sex, Adultery, and How to Keep Your Marriage Thriving

I was asked recently by a man who was struggling to stay faithful to his wife: “How can I keep myself sexually pure?”

Here’s how I responded:

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Adultery Brings Consequences

David was labeled as a man after God’s heart. As a passionate worshiper, a brave warrior, and a decisive king, David was used of God to change the landscape of Israel. While many of his victories caused Israel great triumph, his downfalls also caused his family great pain. Along with his moments of faithful obedience sits a series of events that sent David down a slippery slope where he never truly considered the consequences.

Maybe you remember the story. When King David should have been in battle, he was relaxed in the comforts of his palace when he saw a beautiful woman bathing from his rooftop, sent someone to bring her to him, had sex with her, and then sent her home. Weeks later, she informed the king she was pregnant with his child. Her husband, Urriah, was fighting on the battlefield, and David attempted to cover up the incident by allowing him some time with his wife. Out of loyalty to his fellow soldiers, he denied himself that privilege, and David, unwilling to accept responsibility, had him killed on the battlefield.

The prophet Nathan, risking his life, confronted and rebuked King David. Read the consequences that Nathan tells David that await him in 2 Samuel 12:7-15:

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When Is Divorce Permitted in the Bible?

Marriage should be a one-way ticket. You don’t invest in one side of this journey. It is more than starting the journey, finding out along the way that you don’t like the accommodations, and deciding to turn back around. No two-way tickets should be issued.

That’s why you need to resolve that divorce will not even be an option for your marriage. Take the word out of your vocabulary.

Does the Bible make allowance for divorce? Under certain circumstances, yes. While the Bible does permit divorce in some situations, it never promotes divorce.

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