Never Been More Helpless

While we were in Africa, we were busy sharing the gospel.  Even if we were meeting needs, we didn’t do it without sharing the gospel.  Why?  Because that’s what Jesus did.  Yes, Jesus met physical needs, but he always addressed the greater spiritual need.  He never gave people a handout that would last for a day, he offered them words that could change their lives.

On one day, we held a gospel/medical clinic.  We would let people enter the courtyard in groups of 15 that later would turn into groups of about 100 at a time.  We would share the gospel with them, we would pray over them, and then we would try to address medical concerns.

In that day, I have never helped more people in my life and felt more helpless all at the same time.

As I rushed from person to person, some conditions could be treated with a simple Tylenol, Tums, or Neosporin.  Some of the other conditions were too great for the country to handle.  From 8-6 that day, I served as a medical assistant to some of the following conditions:

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