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“Offering” Released This Sunday

North Side Worship Offering Booklet Front Cover

A long-awaited package is in the mail and that means North Side Worship’s newest album will be released this Sunday at North Side.  The cover is above which was designed by the ever-so-talented, Cory Wilson.  Polly Brown was so gracious to let us use her hand for the cover – thanks!

This Christmas worship album was produced by the grand-master funk, Anthony Gravley.  Our worship team and some special guests worked really hard to finish it up.

You can look at the track listing here.  People who have heard sneak peeks have been so kind and generous with their encouragement.  I think this project can get you in the Christmas spirit but also call you to worship which was our prayer.  What’s funny is Anthony and I are the only ones that have really heard the project straight through.  Our band heard songs that they played or sang on, but most did not hear the complete product.  Friday night, we are having a listening party, in which our band will hear the whole thing from start to finish.

And then Sunday, you can get your copy (I mean copies)!  We are going to sell them at 1 for $10 and every CD after that, $5.  So, we think you need to get one for basically everyone you are buying for this Christmas.  Buy as stocking stuffers, office party gifts, or just attach it to a card that you give every single person you know.  Our band doesn’t get paid for this project, it goes to ministry stuff, so I can say with overwhelmingly enthusiasm – buy, and buy a bunch!

I wanted to provide a sneak listen to the CD, so I compiled a medley of 10 seconds of each song strung together.  Hopefully, you like what you hear and you can help us share the true meaning of Christmas with many people this December!

Offering 10 Second Tracks

Christmas Recording Crunch Time

We are in official crunch time with Anthony over at Addeybug Studio right now.  The North Side Worship team is cranking out some jingle bell rock to get this in your hands by Christmas time.

Everything is coming together quite nicely.  This is an ambitious endeavor.  We have some full band tracks and then some acoustic tracks, and we have all types of guest instruments, programming, and all types of arranging going on.  What has made this a logistical challenge is that 5 people may play on track 1, 7 different people on track 2, and then 2 other people on track 3.  Our spreadsheet and calendars have been keeping us in check.

So, where are we?

DONE: Arrangements, drums, bass, acoustic guitars, most electric guitars, some keyboards, some programming, some vocals (Eric’s and mine).

LEFT-TO-DO: Cory’s guitars, Woody’s keys, some more programming, vocals, and maybe a guest musician or two.

Today, I am spending a good portion of the day in the office studio working on Reason files to be included in the mix.  All I keep thinking to myself is, “you gotta have more sleigh bell.”  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Pray for us, we are getting near, and hopefully start the mixing process after Saturday’s vocal gauntlet.  Praying this project causes your Christmas season to be full of worship and celebration due to the fact that our God came to us.

Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

Storytellers: “Make Me Holy”

The song, “Make Me Holy,” is a song that I wrote probably a year and a half ago.  It was one of those songs that was birthed out of my personal quality times with God.  In my own desire for holiness, I felt like I kept coming up short.

I wanted two specific things in my life:

  1. Consistency
  2. Obedience

By consistency, I wanted to know that I was striving to live holy not because I needed to earn God’s love, I wanted to live holy because of Christ’s love.  But I wanted to be consistent.  I wanted my level of holiness when I was around other people to be the same level of holiness of what God knew about me.

I had just attended a Passion conference when I heard Francis Chan say these words: “If I asked your church about you, what would they say?  Whatever they would tell me about you, that is your reputation.  If I asked God about you, what would He say?  Whatever He would say about you, that is your character.  And if your reputation and character don’t match up, you are a fake.”

I was floored by that statement.  I honestly wanted to be holy: “From everything that others may see, to what is known only by You and me.”

But I also wanted to strive for obedience.  As I led worship at our church, I noticed something – songs rarely talk about being obedient to the commands of Scripture.  Songs that focus on sin can sometimes be abstract.  I wanted to worship to God and declare that I wanted to be obedient to those precious commandments in Scripture and I didn’t want them to be a burden to me (1 John 5:3).

The song was originally written in piano.  I played this riff over and over and just changed the bass notes.  I love the way the key of F# sounds – even though it is hard to play in – I just love it sonically.  I sat down at the piano and just started working through these words.  I played it once after a message of Jeff’s in January 07.  But I didn’t want to play it.  I felt like that song was the perfect way to end his message, but I just am uncomfortable about playing originals.  I know that there are a ton of better songwriters out there.  But over the last year, our services have sometimes called for a song that strictly communicates – our problem is that we are disobedient to God’s commands.  Its not that we feel bad or that we want to be better people.  We just want to be doers of the Word.

When we went to the studio with the song, I know I wanted Jodie to sing it.  Jodie has one of the purest voices I have ever heard, and I thought her voice matched the message of the song.  She tore it up.  The band did a great job coming up with parts and making this sound like a song we had played for years (even though we had never played it together until after recording it).  This song is actually Anthony’s favorite track on the CD, and I am so honored that Jesus let me be a part of it.

I hope you enjoy it and it calls you to be a doer of the Word!  Here is the demo of the song and some chord charts:

Chord Charts:

North Side Worship CD

north side worshipThe North Side worship band is going into the studio to record a new worship CD!  I am so excited!  After a bunch of prayers and thoughts and planning, we feel like now is the time to do this project.

The plan is to release it this Fall, and so right now, I am in the pre-production/arranging phase in the studio.  We are recording at Addeybug Studios here in Greenwood, where my good buddy, Anthony Gravley, recorded the CD I did in college.  

Selecting songs and pruning down the set list was very difficult.  I had many conversations with the band members, and we came up with a pretty incredible set list that are songs that either: 1) really connect with our church (songs that just seem to have a special meaning for our crew), or 2) will connect with our church (we have also written some songs that we believe will further impact where our church is heading in the months to come).

Today, Kennerly and I will go in to arrange the last couple of songs and record a couple of scratch tracks, and then it will come time for some tracking of the rest of instruments.  From there, we will start bringing in vocalists and such.  Fun times!  Pray for us.  My prayer is that this CD will cause people to erupt into worship all throughout their week and not solely rely on Sundays to express praise to Jesus!

So North Side, what songs do you hope are on this CD?

Rereleasing my 1st CD

travis agnew keep quietWhen I was in college, I recorded a CD with Anthony Gravley at Addeybug Studios. It was a collection of songs that I was writing about my relationship with Christ and what he was doing in my heart for missions. It had the song “Hallelujah, O What a Savior” and others on it. Keep Quiet was originally released under the title “Too Familiar Phrase” in 2002 (the cover had some Chinese rabbits on the front – I’m serious about that actually).

Anthony and I did most of the instruments, but the tracks are also graced with the talents of Kevin Heuer (drums), Tasha Via (violin), Tim Keeler (vocals), Jeff Lethco (banjo), and Marci Wood (vocals). Yes, it is true – Jeff played banjo on this CD.

I made as many copies as I had money in college (not many – a few hundred), and I have been officially out of them for quite some time.

But not anymore! I had some college buddies emailing me in the last few months asking for a copy and so I decided to rerelease this CD in the most accessible way possible.

If you want a copy of “Keep Quiet,” you can get it one of two ways:

  1. Amazonif you want a hard copy of the CD (audio snippets are supposed to be up there any day if you want a preview)
  2. iTunes – if you want a digital copy or just one or two of the songs

“How can I keep quiet about what I’ve seen and heard?”