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Date Night

I wanted to inform you of a great event we are planning at North Side: Date Night.

We’ve been talking about doing something like this for some time, but now we finally got the plan together and the timing is right.  Here’s the specifics:

Objective:  A fun evening for married couples at North Side intended to jumpstart a romantic date in order to nurture romance and strengthen marriages.


  • To strengthen the marriages of Greenwood by providing a memorable night and helpful marriage tips.
  • To get North Side couples to invest and invite married couples around them to this event.
  • To get couples to return the next day where we will start a “Marriage by the Book” series.
  • To get unconnected couples involved in C-Groups.

Evening Specifics:

  • Begin at 5:00 Saturday night
  • Feature Motown love songs, hilarious marriage sketches, games, quality door prizes, and a practical message on one specific marriage topic
  • Couples will leave NS at 6:00 with a book full of coupons to partnering local restaurants giving discounts to Date Night participants for that night
  • The book will also be full of conversations starters to nurture the marriage relationship that night
  • We will have limited childcare
  • There will be a small charge to help cover expenses
  • In this book, we will also provide helpful tips for couples

Mark your calendar: Saturday, January 31st 5:00PM // Auditorium

Registration will start the beginning of January, and we will encourage you to get a ticket early and also get a ticket for another couple.  This “mini-marriage” conference will allow those couples who can’t get away for a full weekend retreat to get some helpful tools to strengthen their marriages.

Its going to be a lot of work, we have a great volunteer team forming for it.  But its worth every bit of effort.

Why? Because marriage matters.

The Pure in Heart

Jeff was away at a family member’s wedding this weekend, so I was filling in for the message this morning. He had planned out this series all the way through, but as I was praying and studying for this message, I felt like I needed to go another direction. Since Jeff did the same thing last week and the results were God-sized, I figured I had the liberty to do the same.

I felt like there were a lot of people who were watching other people describe how they were experiencing God, and they were wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” I attempted to provide some solutions to why some people might not be experiencing God in their lives:

  1. Too Far
  2. Too Sinful
  3. Too Busy
  4. Too Selfish
  5. Too Stagnant

To get an explanation of these, you can listen to the message here. I pray that it helps. Remove any impurities from your heart. For “blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matt. 5:8).The praise band led in worship with these songs today:

  • Take Me There – Watermark
  • God of This City – Bluetree
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
  • Uncreated One – Chris Tomlin

Plus, I’m attaching the video I used from Sunday. Remember – God, as your Father, delights in seeing you delight in him!

Obie in Lowe’s

obie in lowe'sObie is fighting his naps pretty regularly now. We know if he doesn’t get his nap in, he wants to eat before time, but then he falls asleep. All to say, if he misses nap time, our day gets pretty out of wack.

Yesterday, he was asleep in the car, so we decided to take him into Lowe’s. I don’t know if it was the bright lights, the loud sounds, or the amount of testosterone in that place, but for whatever reason, he woke straight up with this precious smile. I was nervous seeing him open his eyes, but he reoriented himself, and was perfectly happy. He got fussy later.

He opened his eyes, looked at his dad in the buggy, and started grinning ear to ear.

I love this kid.

His cuteness is already ruining me, and I know that I am helpless against his wishes.

Being a dad is teaching me so much. I would pontificate upon it all, but then it would ruin some of Sunday’s sermon. Hope to see you Sunday to hear me talk about my boy, and talk how God is using him to answer this prayer request:

God, make my heart more like yours.”

Obie Photo Shoot #2


Blue eyes for now…

happy baby
Happy baby boy.

weird face
Funny face.


Dad’s hand is about to eat me.

happy baby
Happy boy.

Judo kick.

baseball star
Baseball star.

Obie Photo Shoot #1

When we were at the Biltmore House, I did a little photo shoot of Obadiah when he was waking up. Hope you enjoy:

Contentment personified.

He looks either excited or scared.

Singing away.

What a stud.

“Daddy looks funny.”

Striking a pose.

Green-thumbed Obie.