There’s More to Baptism Than You Might Think

Why is baptism so important to Christians?  The main reasoning is because Jesus modeled it and Jesus commanded it.  Jesus, while not needing baptism, was baptized to identify Himself with the people He came to save.  Sinful people had been baptized in that water through a symbolic washing away of sins.  Sinless Jesus was baptized in order to plunge Himself among the people’s sins.

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Believe God

Knowing that you know Jesus_t

Special day at North Side!  Celebrated baptism and communion.  Worshiped with all our hearts.  Heard the Word proclaimed.  Loved seeing the church in action!

We studied in 1 John 5 and talked about the 3 witnesses: the water (baptism), the blood, and the Spirit.  We were able to experience that and celebrate each element today!  It was such a special time.

Today, we worshiped to:

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Thankful – Week 1

We started a 3-week series today at North Side entitled “Thankful.”  We will be studying Colossians 1 and it is such a great passage and I thought today was full of powerful services.  Starting each service out with baptism is always a great way to begin.  Always so humbled to be a part of these moments as Christ changes lives among us!

I came into the 2nd service still dripping to help lead in worship, but it was worth every bit of it!

Today, we worshiped to:

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Unless You See Signs

What a great day of worship at North Side!  I enjoyed borrowing my buddy’s mandoguitar to play on Sunday morning.  I had many questions about this little beauty.  It’s not a mandolin.  You play it like a 12-string guitar.  Besides trying to get my fingers to stay within the frets, I had a good time playing this little chimy instrument.

Jeff’s message was incredible!  The thought that many people would believe in the miracles of Jesus yet not have their lives changed was so applicable for today.  So, so good.

It was one of those worship services that I had all types of undercurrent themes riding throughout.  It was a different service intentionally, but had some fun turns along the way (at least, I think ;)).   Here’s what I mean.

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Good Friday Service Recap

I really don’t have too many words to describe North Side’s Good Friday service.  I have never heard our people sing out so much, and I have never seen such expressive worshipers.  We remembered the cross, and we could barely contain ourselves!

We celebrated communion, baptism, read Scripture, and worshiped.  I loved that one of our elders, Jerry Rentz, led the communion.  Most visitors would have imagined he was a staff member by how great of a job he did!  After the service, John Kennerly did a coffeeshop performance for us that was pure delightful.  Great day.

I kinda imagine that may be the 1st Good Friday service in a line of many more.  Just a hunch.

We worshiped to:

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