7 Tips for Talking with Your Kids About Sex

I’m a parent.  And as a parent, I have primary responsibility for the formation of my children.  Whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical, or sexual development, as their parent, I am responsible to God to set the pace and to establish the curriculum.  While we each may have certain areas that are easier for us to talk about than the others, we must prioritize teaching our children about sexuality.

Open up your Bible and open up your life to teach your children regarding God’s design for gender, sex, and marriage.

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Do Children Make Good Converts?

How many mission trips have you been a part of in which the evangelistic focus was centered around children?  In my mission and ministry experience, the most common demographic for evangelistic efforts are children.  Energetic teams hop off a bus armed with balloons, refreshments, and gospel presentations ready to win the next generation to Christ.

Going through different ministry trainings, I heard numerous times that the chance of someone becoming a Christian dramatically decreases once that person reaches the age of 18.  In my experience, I would agree with that assessment.  Due to that belief, great focus is reasonably put on reaching younger people with the gospel.

But is it the best approach?  Imagine that one day, on your drive home from work, you notice a lot of activity in the park near your neighborhood.  As you drive by this festival-type atmosphere, you realize that your 7 year-old daughter is sitting down with a bunch of other children listening to some type of story time.  You recognize many of the children, but the storyteller is unknown to you.  After parking your car, you see your daughter raising her hand.  One of the adults begins to talk with her and it looks as if they are praying together.

Curiosity turns into concern, and you start to pick up your pace a bit only to realize that a group of Bahá’í missionaries have just converted your daughter to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh without your permission or approval.  Outrage is an understatement.  You are considering calling authorities to address this unthinkable situation.

I paint that picture because our method of carrying out the Great Commission must be addressed.

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“There’s a Baby in My Tummy!”

The other morning, I went to get my boys dressed for the day before work, and I found Eli had stuffed his teddy bear into his shirt and was patting it saying, “there’s a baby in my tummy!”

When I saw him there giggling and running around, I couldn’t help but think how far we have come.

Eli’s really been fascinated with this whole baby thing.  His mom is 9 weeks pregnant.  Both of his aunts have been pregnant in recent months, and so he is used to seeing ladies with a tummy and he associates them with being pregnant.  The problem is when he went up to a lady in the story yesterday, patted his belly, and yelled, “Baby!”

She wasn’t pregnant.

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