Always Check the Capo

You guitar players out there know how important it is to make sure you have the capo on the right fret when playing with a band. For you non-guitarists out there, allow Wikipedia to explain: A capo (short for capotasto, Italian for “head of fretboard”) is a device used for shortening the strings, and hence […]

Jesus, Son of God

We sang “Jesus, Son of God” at tonight’s Gathering service.  I love this song from Chris Tomlin from sung at Passion a few years ago.  This song is a great example of using powerful, gospel-telling lyrics with music that accompanies the lyrics well. Lyrics VERSE 1 You came down from heaven’s throne This earth you […]


We are introducing “Almighty” at North Side this Sunday.  I first heard this song at Passion 2014.  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, and Jared Anderson wrote the song. It is such a powerful anthem.  I actually was worshiping to this song today on the iPod as some Jehovah’s Witnesses came up.  Great timing! Musically, it’s different […]